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Vinyl Siding is a cost-effective solution and can dramatically update an older home's external appearance. Available in various styles and colors vinyl siding allows for a low maintenance alternative.


Wood Siding is a favorite due to the natural beauty of the material. Wood siding can be installed vertically (board and batten) or horizontally (shakes, shingles and clapboards). Wood siding can last for years when properly maintained. Pine, Spruce, Fir and Cedar are common woods used in production.


Fiber Cement Siding is extremely durable, cost-effective and can simulate the look of many other siding alternatives such as wood, stucco or masonry. Fiber cement siding can offer the look of wood without the maintenance. Additionally, fiber cement siding is fireproof and termite-proof.




We Specialize In ALL Types Of Siding Projects:

James Hardie 

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James Hardie Siding
James Hardie Siding
James Hardie Siding

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L.P. SmartSide Siding
L.P. Siding

Vinyl Siding


  • Holes: If an impact is strong enough and confined to a small enough area, it is certainly possible to puncture vinyl siding. Repair in this case will depend a lot on the size of the hole. A hole that is very small may be able to be patched with a small cut piece of siding. For larger, more noticeable holes, it is generally recommended that the entire panel the hole is located on be replaced.

  • Cracks:Working on cold vinyl can actually cause it to crack; you will have a hard time working with vinyl in cold temperatures. TRC is able to work with vinyl siding all year round. We keep the siding warm and install in any temperatures.


  • Cost Effective: As you weigh your options against each other, cost is a factor you’re going to take into account. Choosing to re-do your home with vinyl siding is cost-effective and relatively easy. If you’re doing work on your home before selling it, it’s a good option for easily recouping your costs.

  • Protection from the Elements: Modern vinyl siding is both dent and water resistant. When installed correctly, it forms a barrier that protects the wall underneath and prevents moisture from seeping in.

Vinyl Siding

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