Vinyl Windows

 "When Quality Matters To You Most, Trust Two Rivers Construction To Replacement Your Vinyl Windows"

These thermo graphic images show the differences in the amount of infrared heat radiated by a typical home with traditional windows and siding, and that same home with new windows and siding.



The bright areas of the above left image reveal problems usually only seen on utility bliss: heat loss-and lots of it-escaping from old windows with traditional single-pane glazing. Even the wall surfaces report heat loss, indicating a poorly insulated home. The deep blue shades in the above right image indicate a drastic reduction in energy loss. Depending on your geographical location, we will show you how new windows and siding with insulation will help you to reduce your energy costs and pay off in the long run.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

Virtually all in-plant vinyl scrap is recycled into other useful products, further reducing the environmental impact of waste. And because vinyl never needs to be painted, it helps eliminate paint, stain and other maintenance-related products from entering the waste stream or releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. Vinyl windows also are eco-friendly because vinyl resin is derived largely from common salt- a sustainable and abundant natural resource!*

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